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Title: Displacement measurement through InSAR geodesy for structural health monitoring
Authors: Roque, D.
Keywords: Structure monitoring systems;Geodesy;Interferometric synthetic aperture RADAR;Data mining;Uncertainty analysis
Issue Date: 22-Dec-2020
Abstract: Interferometric synthetic aperture RADAR is an applied geodesy technique, which enables displacement measurement through satellite images. A literature review of the technique principles and of previous studies regarding its application to structural health monitoring allowed the identification of a few bottlenecks to the operational usage of this cost-effective technology for monitoring purposes. Three research lines were defined. First, a data mining strategy was developed to extract structural behaviour information from displacement time series from thousands of points on the region of interest, with tens of observation epochs each. Second, displacements from this technique were integrated into a previously existing monitoring system and were used to expand it to a larger number of points on the structure and to its surroundings. Third, an experimental infrastructure was deployed in order to perform several tests for displacement validation and uncertainty assessment. The infrastructure included a new model of artificial reflector to the satellite signals, purposefully developed in the scope of this study. The developed methods enabled the successful monitoring of different types of civil and geotechnical structures. Slope behaviour around water reservoirs was assessed during both the reservoir first impoundment and regular operation. Differential displacements were detected on building-blocks at a cultural heritage urban area and concrete arch dam responses to temperature loads were identified. The experimental work showed the achieved displacements agreed with those of other geodetic techniques and uncertainties around 2 mm were obtained for the measurements. In conclusion, interferometric synthetic aperture RADAR is a promising technique, able to provide useful information for structure monitoring, such as aiding in the planning of in situ monitoring activities and in identifying space-time patterns in structural behaviour. Thanks to its spatial coverage, observation period of a few days and achieved displacement uncertainty, it is advantageous to complement existing monitoring systems with data from this technique.
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