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Title: Planning UAV surveys: can we rely on wind forecasts?
Authors: Henriques, M. J.
Roque, D.
Keywords: UAV;monitoring
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Universitat Politècnica de València
Abstract: Like in other surveying works, UAV flights require prior work that involves flight planning and equipment preparation and, often, many complementary tasks. These may involve bringing together technicians from different domains, booking a car and possibly accommodation, and some time-consuming complementary bureaucratic work. Teams operating UAVs know how much the flights are affected by weather conditions. The wind is the weather variable that, in proportion (number of occurrences per year), causes the major number of changes to a scheduled work. Obtaining reliable information about the intensity of the wind, a few days in advance, is an asset for those who have to carry out the various tasks mentioned previously. There are several websites from which one can access weather forecasts. Is any website better because it presents more reliable data? The data and the analysis presented in the paper will give some clues. The data includes wind speed, registered daily, at 12:00 (pm) for a year, by a meteorological station with online data, which belongs to a meteorological institute. Also on a daily basis, several websites with meteorological data were consulted, and wind speed forecasts for the same hour for up to four days in advance were collected. An analysis of the data can provide information about whether there is a website that stands out for the quality of the forecasts, and if there is a need to consult several websites to have better information.
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