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Title: Dynamic analysis of masonry arches using Maxwell damping
Authors: Lemos, J. V.
Sarhosis, V.
Keywords: Masonry arches
Issue Date: Jan-2023
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Masonry arches are a fundamental component of historical structures. The assessment of the vulnerability of these heritage constructions to seismic loading requires reliable and efficient numerical models. Discrete element models are an alternative to finite element models, being particularly effective in modelling collapse mechanisms created by shearing and separation of the units along the joints. Discrete element codes typically rely on explicit methods of integration of the equations of motion for dynamic analysis, which may require large run times when the recommended stiffness-proportional component of Rayleigh damping is applied. A novel approach is proposed using an alternative damping model, Maxwell damping, which involves placing multiple spring-dashpot elements in the joints, in parallel with the standard stiffness springs. This damping model is tested in the dynamic analysis of masonry arches, under pulse and earthquake loading. The results obtained in this early investigation show a good performance in the simulation of collapse under dynamic loads, in general agreement with the analyses conducted with classical stiffness-proportional damping, but reducing significantly the computational effort.
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