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Title: A comprehensive performance assessment system for diagnosis and decision-support to improve water and energy efficiency and its demonstration in Portuguese collective irrigation systems.
Authors: Loureiro, D.
Beceiro, P.
Moreira, M.
Arranja, C.
Cordeiro, D.
Alegre, H.
Keywords: Collective irrigation systems;Diagnosis;Decision support;Performance assessment system;Water and energy efficiency;Water Users Association
Issue Date: Jan-2023
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: In regions with a strong seasonal or interannual asymmetry in the distribution of precipitation and higher frequency of droughts, collective irrigation systems are vital infrastructures for agricultural activity. Although operating for decades, several systems have ageing infrastructures, with relevant water losses and pumping energy inefficiencies. Consequently, the systems are not adequately designed or operated to meet current and future water demand. Therefore, rehabilitation to improve water and energy efficiency while ensuring infrastructure, economic sustainability and service quality is crucial. In this sense, comprehensive approaches using performance assessment to support the planning process or benchmarking between water users associations play an essential role in improving efficiency in collective irrigation systems.
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