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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2011The Effect of Water on the Durability of Granitic Materials Consolidated with Ethyl SilicatesCosta, D.; Delgado Rodrigues, J.
Jul-2016ASR impact on concrete with recycled aggregatesSantos, M. B.; Santos Silva, A.; Brito, J.
Jul-2011Rehabilitation of timber structures: novel test method to assess the durability of bonded-in rod connectionsCustódio, J.; Broughton, J.; Cruz, H.
2011Influence of environmental service conditions in Portugal on structural timber bonded connectionsCustódio, J.; Cruz, H.; Palma, P.
May-2012Evaluating the durability of two recycled aggregates to be used in basal drainage layer of landfills.Rodrigues, G.; Roque, A. J.; Silva, A. P.
Nov-2017Durability of an epoxy adhesive used in civil structural applicationsSousa, J.; Correia, J. R.; Cabral-Fonseca, S.
Feb-2018Durability of FRP - concrete bonded joints in structural rehabilitation: a reviewCabral-Fonseca, S.; Correia, J. R.; Custódio, J.; Silva, H. M.; Sousa, J.; Machado, Â.
24-Apr-2018Performance of concrete exposed to natural carbonation: use of the k-value conceptRibeiro, A. C.; Santos, T.; Gonçalves, A.
Nov-2018NDT techniques for the analysis of anomalies related with durability - Heritage buildings with masonry walls and confining concrete elementsMiranda Dias, J.; Henriques, M.; Matias, L.; Ribeiro, M. S.; Raposo, S.
10-Oct-2012CerAzul: Assessment and development of materials and techniques for the conservation of Historic AzulejosMorais Pereira, S.; Esteves, L.; Mendes, M.; Musacchi, J.; Delgado Rodrigues, J.; Mimoso, J.