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Title: GUIOMAR: Geo(graphical) User Interface for cOastal and MARine Modeling. Wave regime at Sines
Authors: Neves, D. R.
Zózimo, A. C.
Pinheiro, L.
Fortes, C. J. E. M.
Keywords: Geographical information systems;Guiomar;Sines harbour
Issue Date: Apr-2009
Abstract: GUIOMAR is an integrated system for coastal engineering modeling, developed with a commercial software of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This system allows the utilization of both wave propagation models and of all the functionalities that are inherent to the GIS software, and it is being designed to help in the decision making process in coastal areas. GUIOMAR system is composed of three main components: a GIS commercial software, a set of modules/models of wave propagation and other pre and post processing algorithms programmed in FORTRANTM, and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed in VBA for ArcGISTM, which is responsible for the communication between the user and the system. At the moment, are available six wave propagation models and a program that automatically generates unstructured grids for the numerical models. In this paper, GUIOMAR structure and a general overview of its interface are presented. In order to achieve important information about the system operability, a test was made for an important Portuguese harbor. Sines harbor, at the southeast of Europe, 37º 57’N and 08º 53’W, is one of the main entrances in the Iberian Peninsula.
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