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Title: Advanced multimodal marketplace for low emission and energy transportation. Pilot implementation plan.
Authors: Hinka, V.
Arsénio, E.
Silva, L.
Markucevičiūtė, l.
Anckar, N.
Rummukainen, H.
Salminen, S.
Stamelou, A.
Dais, S.
Justament, D.
Kahvedžić, A.
Brcković, M.
Capkin, S.
Mulhern, E.
Markucevičiūtė, l.
Bajec, P.
Keywords: Transport engineering;Artificial intelligence;Sustainability;Transport and logistics;Multimodal transport corridors;Marketplace;GHG emissions;Scope3 emissions
Issue Date: 22-Dec-2023
Abstract: ADMIRAL seeks to develop and pilot AI-driven solutions for managing logistics supply chains, including related missions to reduce transport and logistics emissions and increase transparency, resilience of logistics supply chains, and stakeholder cooperation. This deliverable focuses on presenting pilot implementation plans for each of the four pilots: Portugal-Spain, Slovenia-Croatia, Lithuania, and Finland. Each pilot plan has the following subsections: 1) Overview of pilot, which includes description of pilot environment, purpose of the pilot and involved stakeholders. 2) Tested scenarios. 3) Tested technologies and solutions. 4) Schedule of the pilot. 5) Deviations between ADMIRAL project proposal and the plans described in this deliverable. The purpose of similar structure is to enable comparison of different pilots and to ensure that the pilots are executed in desired manner. After the pilot descriptions, there is a section where the relationship between ADMIRAL marketplace and pilots are explained. In general, the pilots have two phases: First, the developed solutions are tested as standalone, and then the solutions are tested as a part of the marketplace. However, the development of marketplace and solutions are done simultaneously by exchanging experiences to enable getting all the benefits of a common project. The schedule for the pilots is the following: Pilot planning started in June 2023 and this deliverable which summarizes the plans was submitted in December 2023. Then, there is two months period to communicate the finalized pilot plans with stakeholders until the pilots are ready to fully kick off in the end of February 2024. Pilots should be finalized by the end of October 2025, and all the results should be summarized by the end of 2025. Pilot evaluations should be ready when the project ends in the end of April 2026.Different pilots have planned their schedules inside these frames.
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