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Title: Transport infrastructures and mobility for Portugal 2030:insights from the environmental assessment study of the naional investments' plan
Authors: Arsénio, E.
Macedo, A. L.
Rodrigues, M.
Marques da Costa, E.
Keywords: Transport and mobility;Transport infraastructures;Public transport;Railways;Cross-border;Environmental assessment
Issue Date: 13-Dec-2023
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Major strategic investments in infrastructures and equipment across four different areas have been outlined by the National Investments' Program (PNI 2030) in Portugal. This paper is built on the environmental assessment study of the PNI 2030 and focus on its key methodological contributions and policy recommendations addressing the transport and mobility area that represents around 52% of the total investment. One innovative feature of the study is the multi-level system of indicators' framework developed to assess and monitor impacts along time, within the scope of the five "Critical Decision Factors", namely "Climate change and energy transition for decarbonisation", "Territorial cohesion,mobility and accessibility", "Competitiveness and innovation". Finally,the set of policy recommendations to promote a better incorporation of environmental and sustainability issues are outlined.
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