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Title: Aerodynamic characterization of the 516 Arouca Pedestrian suspension Bridge over the Paiva River
Authors: Marques da Silva, F.
Keywords: suspended bridges;wind loading;wind tunnel
Issue Date: 11-Feb-2023
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: 10.3390/wind3010006
Abstract: Given the 516 Arouca pedestrian suspension bridge’s design and characteristics, the owner, a municipality, required a set of tests in order to evaluate its aerodynamic characteristics and dynamic response, aiming at both structural safety and user comfort. Wind tunnel tests were per-formed over a sectional scaled model to obtain the static aerodynamic coefficients and dynamic response. The tests were carried out on different bridge configurations—a deck with people and a deck with an arch for secondary cables (connecting each suspension point to the catenary on the opposite side of the deck)—for the static coefficients. For the dynamic response, only the deck alone was tested. A major challenge had to be overcome, as the main displacement mode belonged to a swing movement, to assemble a wind tunnel setting, requiring a suspension system allowing wind displacements. A persistent trend of small amplitude displacements was identified, influencing user comfort and contributing to the installation of the secondary cables, but no aerodynamic instabilities were identified
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