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Title: Sustainable Solutions of Railway Track Rehabilitation
Authors: Couto, P.
Fontul, S.
Barroso, M. P.
Falcão Silva, M. J.
Dimitrovová, Z.
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Publisher: EGU 2019 European Geosciences Union European Geosciences Union General Assembly
Abstract: Considering the economic-financial crisis faced through Europe, all the railway rehabilitation projects stakeholders are concerned with the costs required to improve the railway systems. Additionally, following recent decisions from European Union, it is becoming more urgent to conduct economic based widespread research for fundament rehabilitation strategies. A research project, on going is Portugal, aims dealing with these gaps in an integrated way, taking advantage of previous knowledge and existing non destructive testing methods.The rehabilitation solutions studied take into account the track condition obtained through non-destructive testing (NDT). The rehabilitation solutions are more efficient and sustainable if they address the cause of track deterioration. An important task of this study is to promote the reuse of materials existing on track and to reduce the consumption of raw geomaterials.
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