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Title: Physical and Numerical Modeling Study of a Submerged Detached Breakwater at Praia da Vagueira, Portugal: Surfing Conditions
Authors: Mendonça, A. C.
Fortes, C. J. E. M.
Neves, M. G.
Martinez, C.
Reis, R.
Costa, C.E.B.C.
Simão, J.
Bicudo, P.
Sancho, F. E.
Oliveira , F.
Keywords: 3D experiments;COULWAVE;Multifunctional structure;Aveiro
Issue Date: 19-Jun-2022
Publisher: IAHR2022 Abstract Book
Abstract: The National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (Portugal) is undertaking a characterization and feasibility study of a multifunctional submerged detached breakwater (SDB) in front of Praia da Vagueira, in the central West coast of Portugal, for the Portuguese Environment Agency, I.P. (APA). It is intended that the SDB is multifunctional, contributing to create conditions to promote surfing waves, boosting the economy associated with this activity in the area. A physical and numerical modeling study was developed to investigate the influence of a SDB (considering the SDB parallel to the coastline, SDB 0º, and the SDB with a 45º angle to the coastline, SDB 45º) in the surfing conditions on the study area. The results show that: without structure, a spilling wave breaker occurs near the coastline, with peel angles adequate for beginners; for the SDB 0º a plunging wave breaks along the structure, with small peel angles, not adequate for surfing; and for the SDB 45º a plunging wave breaks over and past the structure, with peel angles between 40º-50º, promoting surfing conditions for intermediate and professional surfers.
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