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Title: Impact Resistance of Rendering Mortars with Natural and Textile-Acrylic Waste Fibres
Authors: Pederneiras, C.
Veiga, M. R.
Brito, J.
Keywords: impact strength;fibre-reinforced mortars;natural fibres;recycled fibres;sustainability;render
Issue Date: 17-May-2022
Publisher: MDPI
Abstract: Renders should have an adequate resistance to impacts, since they must protect the substrate. The use of fibres may enhance the energy absorbed when the mortars are submitted to an impact load, which contributes to postpone the first crack, and control its propagation and width. In this study, the impact strength was measured by a falling mass from different heights. The cracking pattern and the impact energy for the appearance of the first crack and until failure were evaluated. An artificial accelerated ageing test was also performed, and the impact resistance was analysed before and after ageing. In order to analyse the effects of recycled fibres, wool, coir, flax and textile-acrylic waste fibres were used as reinforcement in cement and cement-lime mortars. The results indicated that the fibres’ addition significantly improved the impact energy of the rendering mortars in comparison with the reference mortars. Concerning the crack patterns, the recycled fibres prevented the opening or the growth of the cracks, before and after ageing. This effect is mainly due to the fibre’s bridge mechanism, due to crossing the open cracks and hindering their propagation. The fibres’ type, length and volume fraction have influenced the mortars’ performance in terms of impact resistance. Textile-acrylic fibres waste presented the best performance by comparison with the natural fibres used.
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