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Title: The water-smartness assessment framework (V1)
Other Titles: Deliverable D6.2
Authors: Ugarelli, R.
Damman, S.
Koop , S.
Alegre, H.
Cardoso, M. A.
Almeida, M. C.
Oliveira, R.
Vildåsen, S.S.
Raspati, G.
Barrero, M.J.
Termes, M.
Mateo, M.R.
Schmuck, A.
Strehl, C.
Lekawska-Andrinopoulou, L.
Keywords: Water-smartness;Assessment framework;Co-creation process;Dash-board
Issue Date: Dec-2022
Abstract: D6.2 consists of the Version 1 of the B-WaterSmart Assessment Framework (BWS AF) developed by WP6 under Task 6.2. V1 builds on the V0 (MS16), which provided the preliminary list of the elements forming the framework. MS16 built on the theoretical background given by D6.1, describing the preliminary conceptual design of the framework. V1 is a transitional step between V0 and the final version V2 (by Task 6.3). To deliver V1, first the information provided by MS16 have been embedded into a web-application, to facilitate a validation phase carried out by the Innovation Alliance (InAll) under the coordination of Task 1.4 in the period April-August 2022. Afterwards, the InAll have been trained to the use of the web application and, by using the feedback forms made available, their insights have been shared with Task 6.2. The feedback has been analyzed by Task 6.2 in September and either already addressed in V1 or included in this document as input to Task 6.3. D6.2 is composed therefore by this supporting document and the web-application incorporating the updated version of the BWS-AF allowing further testing by the InAll. This document consists of two parts: part I includes background information about the BWS AF scope, the description of the co-creation process established with the InAll, and the updated version of the elements forming the framework V1 (incorporated in the web-application), as well as the aggregated analysis of the feedbacks provided by the InAll. Part II addresses Task 3.9, which will convert the BWS AF V2 into a dashboard, by sharing insights based on the experience gained during the development of the web-application and the validation phase. Last, D6.2 is closely related with D1.3 describing the scope and process of validation of V0 and also providing insights to Task 6.3 and Task 3.9 from the InAll perspective.
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