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Title: Effects of Parallel Gradation Scaling Technique on Permanent Deformation of a Ballast Material
Authors: Delgado, B.
Fonseca, A.
Fortunato, E.
Paixão, A.
Issue Date: 22-Aug-2022
Publisher: Civil-Comp Press
Abstract: This paper investigates possible effects of scale-down technique on the long-term permanent deformation behaviour of the rail ballast, particularly for heavy haul rail track loadings. Two scaled down ballast specimens, of 1:2.5 and 1:2, obtained by parallel gradation from the full scale ballast standard AREMA N. 24 [10], which is widely used in this type of rail tracks in Brazil, were compared. The results for the level of cyclic loading evaluated and for the number of cycles carried out did not show significant differences in long-term behaviour due to possible effects of scaling technique. However, these results should be further investigated in order to obtain more definitive conclusions.
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