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Title: Characterization of reinforced timber masonry walls in “Pombalino” buildings with dynamic tests
Authors: Gonçalves, A.
Guerreiro, L.
Candeias, P.
Ferreira, J.
Campos Costa, A.
Keywords: Timber masonry walls;Dynamic tests;Seismic behavior;“Pombalino” buildings
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: 10.1016/j.engstruct.2018.03.036
Abstract: After the large destruction of Lisbon due to the 1755 earthquake, the city had to be completely rebuilt. The innovative “Pombalino” buildings, named after the Prime Minister Marquis of Pombal, were then developed. This type of building is characterized by its structural interior “frontal” walls in elevated floors, composed of a timber frame with vertical and horizontal elements, braced with diagonals and masonry infill. The research presented in this paper aims at assessing the seismic behavior of the “Pombalino” buildings and proposes a strengthening technique by reinforcing the timber framed “frontal” walls. The experimental program was based on extensive dynamic testing on prototypes representative of typical “frontal” walls. The results of the dynamic tests carried out in the LNEC 3D shaking table are presented regarding the two types of tests performed: (a) seismic tests, in which the seismic action was applied with increasing amplitude in the in-plane direction; (b) dynamic identification tests, performed before the first and after each increasing amplitude seismic test, aiming at evaluating the evolution of the models’ mechanical properties with increasing seismic amplitude tests. A comparison of the performance of the non-strengthened and strengthened tested prototypes is also presented.
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