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Title: Characterization of timber masonry walls with dynamic tests
Authors: Gonçalves, A.
Candeias, P.
Guerreiro, L.
Ferreira, J.
Campos Costa, A.
Keywords: Dynamic tests;Rehabilitation;Resist earthquakes;Shaking table;Timber masonry walls
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Publisher: Taylor&Francis
Citation: 10.1080/15583058.2018.1436727
Abstract: Timber-framed wall buildings are seen all over Europe, especially in seismic regions, given its adequacy to resist earthquakes. The “Pombalino” buildings, developed after the great 1755 earthquake that destroyed Lisbon, constitute one of the best examples of historic seismic-resistant structures based on timber-framed masonry walls. The research presented in this article aimed at experimentally evaluating the seismic behavior of the “Pombalino” buildings. The experimental program was based on extensive dynamic testing on sub-structures of typical “Frontal” walls (the timber masonry walls), carried out at the LNEC (the Portuguese National Laboratory of Civil Engineering) shaking table. The tests comprised (a) seismic tests, in which the seismic action was applied with increasing amplitude in one direction; and (b) dynamic identification tests, aiming at evaluating the dynamic properties of the sub-structures and their evolution with damage accumulation.
ISSN: 1558-3058
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