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Title: Deliverable D2.3 - Prototype air - curtains system units in three different protrection modes: "air-free"; "adjusted to the wall" and "directed over object"
Authors: Viegas, J.
Dias, J.
Oliveira, F.
Balitskiy, V.
Zozulia, Y.
Zahorodna, V.
Gogotsi, O.
Kaluzny, P.
Pastor, P.
Keywords: Ventilation;Air curtains;IAQ
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Abstract: This deliverable is integrated in the “WP2 - NMs and Air Curtain System Units Design”. Work within WP2 is divided by two main tasks and several sub-tasks that are implemented mainly during second and third project years. In parallel to the research on nanomaterials, the Air Curtain System Unit working principles have been developed by the Engineering Project team. Emphasis was put on the aerodynamic system’s characteristics and type of the adjustable jet mode. This deliverable describes the work that has been carried out. It presents and analytical model to predict the contaminant tightness of the air curtain (together with the exhaust from the “contaminated” compartment) and shows experimental results to support this model. A full size prototype, that was applied to a test compartment, was developed. The preliminary test results of this prototype are also presented.
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