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Title: Building stock inventory and vulnerability data for Lisbon Metropolitan Area
Authors: Campos Costa, A.
Luísa Sousa, M.
Coelho, E.
Keywords: Risk mitigation for earthquakes;Vulnerability
Issue Date: Aug-2005
Series/Report no.: Relatório 423/05 - DE/NESDE;
Abstract: The present report addresses the first twelve months of LNEC participation in LESSLOSS – Risk Mitigation for Earthquakes and Landslides that is an European integrated project. Activities regarding subproject 10, Earthquake disaster scenario predictions and loss modelling for urban areas, are described, namely in what concerns deliverable nº81 that deals with building stock data and seismic vulnerability for Lisbon Metropolitan Area. The LNECloss seismic loss methodology integrated in a Geographic Information System is presented, detailing available data and procedures. Building stock for the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon (MAL) is characterized, based on building structure and epoch of construction. Some pictures are presented as examples of each class of building structure existing in Lisbon. The vulnerability classification of the MAL housing stock is developed according to FEMA&NIBS methodology. The LNECloss stochastic methodology was described and proved to be an equivalent approach to FEMA&NIBS displacement-based assessment.
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