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Title: Ambiente acústico de/en la vivienda: al encuentro de una visión holística
Authors: Patrício, J.
Keywords: Acústica;Ambiente;Edificação;Legislação
Issue Date: 21-Oct-2015
Publisher: LNEC
Abstract: In classical antiquity, the structure of knowledge was based on introspective philosophy, medicine, mathematics and astrology, thus defining the sciences of life and of Human thinking. However, over the years, due to the development of descriptive methods of analysis and of thought itself, scientific knowledge began to be subdivided into specialized areas, creating branches of knowledge that seemed to be different between them, but that make part of the same philosophical and scientific view. And with acoustics it has not been different! Derived from physics and embodied in technological solutions applied to propagation, reception and interpretation of sound stimuli, the acoustics was divided into several branches, such as electroacoustic, psychoacoustics, bioacoustics, environmental acoustics, building acoustics, etc. In the case of the acoustic environment inside residential houses, there is no doubt about the contribution of many branches of acoustics, for it. So, concerning a realistic assessment of noise to which residents are exposed to, it must be taken into account all related aspects, a fact that leads to the need for a more comprehensive analysis to be carried out in accordance with a holistic view of the overall system. At this conference, an overview about the acoustic ambient inside home will be presented, emphasizing that the acoustics of the external environment and the acoustics of the building unity are not two separated realities. In fact, they both contribute to that ambient in a closely related form, namely in terms of generation, management, control, propagation and noise perception. Understanding this relationship, both in higher education institutions, as in real applications of noise control and management by policy makers and public administrations, it is clear that both branches of acoustics referred to above have a cross-influence in the same objective reality that is the protection of human against the adverse effects of noise. In this context, it is proposed to give special focus on the need for a holistic analysis, integrated and global, of exposure to noise, in order to have a harmonious development, both at individual level and of the society as a whole.
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