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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2010Ancient mortars under action of marine environment: a Physico-Chemical CharacterizationBorges, C.; Santos Silva, A.; Veiga, M. R.
Aug-2016Assessment of the potential reactivity of granitic rocks — Petrography and expansion testsRamos, V.; Fernandes, I.; Santos Silva, A.; Soares, D.; Fournier, B.; Leal, S.; Noronha, F.
Apr-2011Use of tungsten mine sludge waste in the mitigation of internal expansive reactionSousa, S.; Santos Silva, A.; Velosa, A.; Rocha, F.
Mar-2014New natural hydraulic lime mortars – Physical and microstructural properties in different curing conditionsGrilo, J.; Faria Rodrigues, P.; Veiga, M. R.; Santos Silva, A.; Silva, V.; Velosa, A.
Jun-2011Metakaolin-lime hydration products and phase stability:Gameiro, A.; Santos Silva, A.; Veiga, M. R.; Velosa, A.
Apr-2011The influence of slaking time on lime puttyMargalha, G.; Santos Silva, A.; Veiga, M. R.; Brito, J.
Aug-2010Characterization of the concrete alkali reactivity of granitoid and dolomitic aggregatesSabino, N.; Santos Silva, A.; Menezes, A. P.; Moita, P.; Candeias, A.; Mirão, J.
Apr-2012Uma metodologia de interpretação do monumentos e dos seus revestimentos: o Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-VelhaProvidência, P.; Corte-Real, A.; Tavares, M.; Santos Silva, A.; Veiga, M. R.; Ramalho, M. M.; Aguiar, J.
2010Characterization of Portuguese Historical Gypsum Mortars: a Comparison between Two Case StudiesFreire, T.; Santos Silva, A.; Veiga, M. R.; Brito, J.
19-Apr-2013Rheological properties and hydration behavior of portland cement mortars containing calcined red mudRibeiro, D. V.; Santos Silva, A.; Labrincha, J. A.; Morelli, M. R.