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Title: Numerical analysis of 3D hydrodynamics and performance of an array of oscillating water column wave energy converters integrated into a vertical breakwater
Authors: Didier, E.
Teixeira, P.
Keywords: Array of wave energy converters;Oscillating water column;Vertical breakwater;Efficiency;3D RANS-VoF numerical wave tank
Issue Date: May-2024
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Performance and hydrodynamics of an array of Oscillating Water Column (OWC) Wave Energy Converter (WEC) integrated into a vertical breakwater is studied. The FLUENT® software, in which the numerical model is based on the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes equations and the Volume of Fluid method for free surface flow modeling, is used in a 3D numerical wave tank. Three vertical breakwater configurations subject to the action of incident regular waves with periods from 6 to 12 s are studied: normal breakwater, with vertical walls parallel to the direction along the breakwater length; and two novel breakwater geometries, partially and fully convergent breakwaters, whose converging vertical walls are inclined θ in relation to this direction. Different spacing S from 0 to 20 m between the array of OWC devices and two converging wall angles θ, 30 and 45°, are investigated. Firstly, analysis of the influence of S for the normal breakwater shows that the vertical wall concentrates naturally a higher quantity of the incident wave energy inside OWC chamber devices and, consequently, increases their efficiencies. This effect is intensified as the spacing S increases. Secondly, analyses of the partially and fully convergent breakwaters allow concluding that these novel geometries, which direct an amount of incident wave energy into the OWC chamber, increase significantly the efficiency of the array of the OWC devices at the range of the wave periods. The highest performance of OWC device is obtained by the fully convergent breakwater with S = 20 m and θ = 45°, once 10 OWC devices inserted in a breakwater 300 m long have the same efficiency of 20 OWC devices inserted into the normal breakwater.
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