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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017Operational forecast framework applied to extreme sea levels 1 at regional and 2 local scalesFortunato, A. B.; Oliveira, A.; Rogeiro, J.; Costa, R.; Gomes, J. L.; Li., K; Jesus, G.; Freire, P.; Rilo, Ana; Mendes, A.; Rodrigues, M.; Azevedo, A.
Mar-2017Online monitoring in the Tagus estuary: Parque das Nações station - Installation and operation between January 2016 and February 2017Rodrigues, M.; Freire, P.; Rogeiro, J.; Fortunato, A. B.
Mar-2013Geomorphological response of the salt-marshes in the Tagus estuary to sea level riseSilva,T.; Freitas, M. C.; Andrade, C.; Taborda, R.; Freire, P.; Schmidt , S.; Antunes, C.
Mar-2013Estuarine margins vulnerability to floods for different sea level rise and human occupation scenariosRilo, Ana; Freire, P.; Guerreiro, M.; Fortunato, A. B.; Taborda, R.
Mar-2013Defining beaches and their evolutionary states in estuariesFreire, P.; Jackson , N.; Nordstrom , K.
Dec-2018UBEST field campaigns - 5th Campaign: Tagus Estuary, September 27, 2018Santos, D.; Freire, P.; Rodrigues, M.; Cravo, A.
Jun-2019Morphodynamics of the tagus estuary mouth: contributions from a citizen-science projectMengual , B.; Jaouen, A.; Bertin, X.; Martins, K.; Fortunato, A. B.; Freire, P.; Taborda, R.; Riboli-Sasco, L.; Duarte, J.; Arquizan, T.
Aug-2020Project UBEST: Understanding the biogeochemical buffering capacity of estuaries relative to climate change and anthropogenic inputs - Final ReportRodrigues, M.; Fortunato, A. B.; Martins, R.; Rogeiro, J.; Oliveira, A.; Azevedo, A.; Freire, P.; Cravo, A.; Jacob, J.; Rosa, A.