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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2012Valtorno-Mourão Dam. Reinforcement of the foundation grout due to problems detected during the first fillingMarcelino, J.; Paixão, J. B.
1-Oct-2009Alqueva-Pedrógão joint early warning systemOliveira Costa, C.; Palma, J.; Tavares de Castro, A.; Viseu, T.
May-2014Assessing the quality of an UAV-based orthomosaic and surface model of a breakwaterHenriques, M. J.; Fonseca, A. M.; Roque, D.; Lima, J. N.; Marnoto, J.
Oct-2012Monitoring the behaviour of Massingir dam in MozambiqueMarcelino, J.; Portugal, J. C.
Mar-2017Online monitoring in the Tagus estuary: Parque das Nações station - Installation and operation between January 2016 and February 2017Rodrigues, M.; Freire, P.; Rogeiro, J.; Fortunato, A. B.
22-Apr-2015Thermal imaging of concrete dam surfaces to support the control of the evolution of pathologiesHenriques, M. J.; Ramos, P.
2009Initial stages of pollutants dispersion around municipal waste disposal facilities: a case study in Northern PortugalFigueiras , J.; Gonçalves , M.; Mateus, A.; Marques, F.O.; Monteiro dos Santos, F. A.; Mota, R.
11-Feb-2011Corrosion rate monitoring of steel in reinforced concrete structures: comparison between external and embedded sensorsPereira, E. V.; Salta, M. M.; Fonseca, I. T. E.
Apr-2015Quality assessment of GNSS with short-length session in the displacement measurement of a large embankment damLima, J. N.; Conde, V.; Candeias, H.
18-Apr-2012Non Destructive Tests for Evaluation of Railway Platforms: Application of Ground Penetrating RadarFontul, S.; Fortunato, E.; Chiara, F.; Paixão, A.