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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2015Assessing climate change impact in hospitality sector. Simplified approach using building resources consumption signaturePinto, A.; Bernardino, M.; Santos, A.; Santo, F.
31-Dec-2015Preliminary report on energy efficiency and carbon intensity based on investigation across modes and domainsPeeling, J.; Reeves, S.; Lamb, M.; Arsénio, E.; Bidnenko, N.; Leal, D.; Saleh, P.; Spicka, L.; Warner, H.; Zofka, E.
Feb-2017Storm-induced marine flooding: lessons from a multidisciplinary approachEric Chaumillon; Bertin, X.; Fortunato, A. B.; Bajo, M.; Schneider, Jean-Luc; Dezileau, L.; Walsh, J.; Michelot, A.; Chauveau, E.; Créach, A.; Hénaff, A.; Sauzeau,T.; Waeles, B.; Gervais, B.; Jan, G.; Baumann, J.; Breilh, J. F.; Pedreros, R.
2014Portugal’s river basin management plans: groundwater innovative methodologies, diagnosis, and objectivesLobo Ferreira, J. P. C.; Leitão, T. E.; Oliveira, M. M.
Mar-2013Estuarine margins vulnerability to floods for different sea level rise and human occupation scenariosRilo, Ana; Freire, P.; Guerreiro, M.; Fortunato, A. B.; Taborda, R.
Jun-2014An Integrated Approach for Flood Risk Assessment in EstuariesFreire, P.; Tavares, A.; Fortunato, A. B.; Oliveira, A.; Cardoso, M. A.; Pires, P.
Mar-2015Evolution of the hydrodynamics of the Tagus estuary (Portugal) in the 21st centuryGuerreiro, M.; Fortunato, A. B.; Freire, P.; Rilo, Ana; Taborda, R.; Freitas, M.Conceição; Andrade, C.; Silva,T.; Rodrigues, M.; Bertin, X.; Azevedo, A.
Mar-2017Bingo project: climate change and the groundwater component of the water cycleNovo, M. E.; Henriques, M. J. A.
Sep-2011Building regulations and control in the face of climate change: Overview of the Portuguese situationBranco Pedro, J.; Pina dos Santos, C.
2-Jul-2011Local sea level rise scenarios for the end of the 21st century and potential physical impacts in the lower Ria de Aveiro (Portugal)Lopes, C. L.; Silva, P. A.; Dias, J. M.; Rocha, A.; Picado, A.; Plecha, S.; Fortunato, A. B.