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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014Quality Assessment of Vertical Angular Deviations for Photometer Calibration BenchesRibeiro, A.; Santos, A. J.; Sousa, J.; Forbes, A. B.
Sep-2012Evaluation of measurement uncertainty in tests requiring non-linear regressionSousa, J.; Forbes, A. B.; Ribeiro, A.; Sousa, D.; Smith, I.
Apr-2012Measurement quality and uncertainty evaluation in civil engineering researchRibeiro, A.; Sousa, J.; Oliveira Costa, C.; Sousa, J. F.; Almeida Garrett, J.; Lages Martins, L.
Jun-2011Modelling and uncertainty Evaluation for the Radiation Quality Parameters Used in Metrological Management of Diagnostic Radiology DosimetersRibeiro, A.; Oliveira, C.; Cox, M. G.; Sousa, J.; Cardoso, J.; Limede, P.
Jan-2012Implicações Económicas da Gestão Metrológica da InstrumentaçãoRibeiro, A.; Sousa, J.; Sousa, C.
Oct-2014The evaluation of uncertainty in mass calibration: Possible approaches in a comparison studySousa, J.; Forbes, A. B.; Ribeiro, A.; Harris, P. M.; Carvalho, F.; Bacelar, L.
Sep-2010Measurement uncertainties in regression analysis with scarcity of dataSousa, J.; Ribeiro, A.; Harris, P. M.; Sousa, J. F.
May-2010Measurement Uncertainty of Dew-point Temperature in a Two-Pressure Humidity GeneratorLages Martins, L.; Ribeiro, A.; Sousa, J.; Forbes, A. B.
11-Nov-2011Avaliação de incertezas em ensaios de compactação de solos em geotecniaSousa, J.; Sousa, D.; Sousa, J. F.; Ribeiro, A.
May-2014A Comparision Study on the Uncertainty Evaluation for the Determination of Total Nitrogen, Using ISO 11352 and other Alternative ApproachesSousa, J.; Reynolds, A. M.; Ribeiro, A.