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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Railway track condition assessment at network level by frequency domain analysis of GPR DataFontul, S.; Paixão, A.
May-2018Estudos sobre a modelação numérica da via-férrea com subestrutura reforçadaMartins, M. M. C.; Paixão, A.; Fortunato, E.; Asseiceiro, F.; Cruz, J.; Cruz, N.
Sep-2018A research project on the reinforcement of old railway track platforms using short soil binder columnsFortunato, E.; Paixão, A.; Morais, P.; Santos, Carlos; Francisco, A.; Varandas, J.; Asseiceiro, F.; Cruz, J.; Cruz, N.
Apr-2018An integrated monitoring system for continuous evaluation of railway tracks for efficient asset managementSantos, Carlos; Morais, P.; Paixão, A.; Fortunato, E.; Asseiceiro, F.; Gomes, L.
Jun-2018Numerical studies on the influence of column reinforcements with soil-binders on railway tracksPaixão, A.; Francisco, A.; Fortunato, E.; Varandas, J.
Sep-2018Calibration of a high-cycle accumulation model for granular materials of railway track layers using tests of variable cyclic load amplitudesVarandas, J.; Paixão, A.; Fortunato, E.; Hölscher, P.
Sep-2018Indirect assessment of railway track vertical stiffnessPaixão, A.; Fortunato, E.; Campos, P. G. S.
2018Numerical simulations to improve the use of under sleeper pads at transition zones to railway bridgesPaixão, A.; Varandas, J.; Fortunato, E.; Calçada, R.
Dec-2018Photogrammetry for digital reconstruction of railway ballast particles – a cost-efficient methodPaixão, A.; Resende, R.; Fortunato, E.
Sep-2018Ballast fouling evaluation with Ground Penetrating RadarMarques, A. M. C.; Fontul, S.; Paixão, A.