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Title: On the role of tracking on Eulerian-Lagragian solutions of the transport equation
Authors: Oliveira, A.
Melo Baptista, A.
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Advances in Water Resources
Series/Report no.: ******
Abstract: We investigate the effect of tracking errors on the accuracy and stability of Eulerian-Lagrangian methods (ELMs) for the solution of the transport equation. A combination of formal analysis and numerical experimentation demonstrates that the effect is severe. Even moderate tracking errors substantially affect the preservation of the zeroth, first and second moments of concentration ( mass, phase and diffusion) and may lead to the instability of otherwise stable and very accurate ELMs. The use of accurate tracking algorithms is strongly recommended for Eulerian-Lagrangian simulations involving complex flows. Key Words: Transport equation. Eulerian-Lagrangian methods. Tracking methods. Mass conservation. Numerical experimentation. Accuracy
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