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Title: Truncation-error-based vertical grids for shallow water models. Computer Modelling of Seas and Coastal Regions III
Authors: Fortunato, A. B.
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: ******
Series/Report no.: Acinas and Brebbia (eds.)
Abstract: A new method to optimize vertical nodal placement in 3D shallow water models is developed and validated. The method is based on equalizing along the water column the truncation errors for the vertical diffusion term in the momentum equations. Truncation errors are estimated a priori, based on simplifying assumptions on the eddy viscosity profile. Grids are then generated iteratively by moving the nodes to where the largest errors are expected. A validation of the overall approach for 1D and 3D barotropic tidal simulations shows that grids generated with the new method compare favorably with non-uniform grids previously proposed. Key words: Vertical discretization, truncation errors, Localized sigma coordinates
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