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Title: Mortars and their compatibility for the conservation of masonry walls in Tróia Archaeological Site
Authors: Delgado Rodrigues, J.
Esteves, A.
Catarino, J.
Keywords: Repair mortar;Compatibility;Conservation of archaeological site;Troia site
Issue Date: Sep-2008
Abstract: Due to a very long exposure since the first excavations, the Tróia archaeological site shows conservation problems of different types and grades. Most of them are directly connected to the geographical location facing the sea and also reflect the lack of due conservation care. Four mortar typologies were studied in the laboratory and were subsequently applied in limited areas of the archaeological site as testing trials. Results on the composition, preparation procedure, application and on site monitoring are presented. The Incompatibility Degree, developed under the PRODOMEA project, was used to assess the expected compatibility of the four typologies in relation to the main ancient mortars found on the site. This Degree may integrate information of different kinds, namely, chemical and physical parameters, social-cultural constraints and the environmental context. Its application to the new mortar formulations based on physical and chemical indicators is presented and discussed.
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