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Title: Long-term Efficiency of Two Organic Corrosion Inhibitors for Reinforced Concrete
Authors: Pereira, E. V.
Figueira, R.
Salta, M. M.
Fonseca, I.
Keywords: Inhibitors;Concrete durability;Corrosion of reinforcement
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Materials Science Forum
Abstract: In this paper the efficiency of two organic corrosion inhibitors, a migratory and an admixture inhibitor, was evaluated by electrochemical techniques in solutions simulating the interstitial electrolyte of concrete and on concrete slabs exposed to natural environmental conditions over a five-year period. From obtained results, the usefulness of the two products is discussed aiming its application in new structures to prevent chlorides induced corrosion and as a curative method for repairing reinforced concrete structures contaminated with chlorides and affected by reinforcement corrosion.
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