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Title: A 3D Rigid Particle Model for Shear Transfer Analysis in Reinforced Concrete
Authors: Azevedo, N.
Lemos, J. V.
de Almeida, J.
Keywords: Reinforced concrete;Discrete element
Issue Date: Nov-2009
Abstract: A 3D spherical rigid particle discrete element formulation based on the Discrete Element Method, DEM, which has been used to model concrete, is described. The model has been shown to give a good agreement in terms of peak strength, fracture localization and crack patterns for various load conditions. An explicit formulation for the reinforcement model which allows the model to be applied to reinforced concrete is presented. The reinforced rigid particle model is validated against known shear transfer tests due to dowel action. It is shown that the model is able to predict the influence of the dowel stiffness and the localized fracture in the vicinity of the initial crack.
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