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Title: (In)compatibilities of the socio-urbanistic process - Methodological challenges
Authors: Menezes, M.
Vasconcelos, L.
Keywords: Socio-territorial intervention;Vulnerable critical contexts;Methodological support;Participatory process and urban governance
Issue Date: Jul-2009
Abstract: The need to establish an interactive relation between the needs, problems and the social, physical and urban potentialities of the territories requires being transversal, when developing a plan, a project, an intervention and urban management aiming sustainability. Theoretically, interactive approaches to the territory already acquired its own status and support and guide reflection and action. However, the creation of mechanisms for implementation, supporting and developing this interactive and multidimensional principle in/with the territory is still far from easy. This paper draws from the experiences of two Portuguese cases while exploring new innovative ways to develop sustainable public urban policies of socio-territorial intervention in vulnerable critical contexts. The aim is to reflect on the methodological aspects considered fundamental in the context of the preparation and consolidation of socio-territorial intervention dynamics. The authors recur to two case discussing namely the following aspects: (1) interactive objectives confronted with a rigid functional responsibilities strongly centred in technical expertise; (2) assurance of the process continuity towards the implementation of the plan of action collaboratively developed; (3) who should be involved in the identification of needs, problems and urban socio-physical potentialities. The two case studies will be used to illustrate the issues brought up by this reflection. Finally, through the lessons learned from these two experiences, the authors discuss the relevance of the component of technical and methodological support in the context of the construction and consolidation of the participatory process and urban governance.
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