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Title: A galvanic sensor for monitoring the corrosion condition of the concrete reinforcing steel: Relation between the galvanic and the corrosion currents
Authors: Pereira, E. V.
Figueira, R.
Salta, M. M.
Fonseca, I.
Keywords: Galvanic sensor;Polarization resistance sensor;Corrosion rate
Issue Date: 26-Oct-2009
Publisher: MDPI Publishing, Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220; CODEN: SENSC9)
Abstract: This work reports a study carried out on the design and performance of galvanic and polarization resistance sensors to be embedded in concrete systems for permanent monitoring of the corrosion condition of reinforcing steel, aiming to establish a correlation between the galvanic currents, Igal, and the corrosion currents, Icorr, estimated from the polarization resistance, Rp. Sensors have been tested in saturated Ca(OH)2 aqueous solutions, under a variety of conditions, simulating the most important parameters that can accelerate the corrosion of concrete reinforcing steel, such as carbonation, ingress of chloride ions, presence or absence of O2. For all the conditions, the influence of temperature (20 to 55 ºC) has also been considered. From this study, it could be concluded that the galvanic currents are sensitive to the various parameters following a trend similar to that of the Rp values. A relationship between the galvanic and the corrosion current densities was obtained and the limiting values of the Igal, indicative of the state condition of the reinforcing steel for the designed sensor, were established
ISSN: doi:10.3390/s91108391
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