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Title: Stress-dependent permeability in the foundation of Alqueva dam
Authors: Braga Farinha, M. L.
Lemos, J. V.
Keywords: Concrete dams;Rock foundations;Numerical modelling;Stress-dependent permeability
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: Graz University of Technology
Abstract: This paper describes the study carried out in order to establish a correlation between stress and permeability in some areas of Alqueva arch dam foundation. The study was conducted taking into account the results of global three-dimensional mechanical and hydraulic models, both validated against field data, and carrying out independently uncoupled mechanical and hydraulic analyses. The established stress/permeability curves were introduced into the hydraulic model, allowing discharges to be calculated for different levels. The difficulty of assessing the dependence of permeability on stress is highlighted and some conclusions are drawn about suitable models to study the dam foundation behaviour.
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