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Title: Assessment of water sensitivity of asphalt rubber mixtures for wearing course
Authors: Batista, F. A.
Antunes, M. L.
Fonseca, P.
Keywords: Road pavements/pavimentos rodoviários;Asphalt rubber/misturas betuminosas com borracha;Water sensitivity/sensibilidade à água
Issue Date: May-2009
Publisher: Loizos, Partl, Scarpas & Al-Qadi
Citation: Batista, F.A.; Antunes, M.L.; Fonseca, P. (2009) – Assessment of water sensitivity of asphalt rubber mixtures for wearing course. Advanced Testing and Characterization of Bituminous Materials – Loizos, Partl, Scarpas & Al-Qadi (eds), Taylor & Francis Group, London, Volume I, pp. 323-330
Abstract: To assess the water sensitivity of asphalt rubber mixtures an experimental study was carried out, in which different types of gap-graded mixtures applied in wearing courses were used. The experimental study compares the results obtained by the test method traditionally used in Portugal - the American army standard MIL-STD-620A – method 104 - with those obtained through the EN 12697-12:2008-method A. The application of the European standard leads to lower values of retained resistance than those obtained with the American army standard and al-lows for a better distinction of the behavior of different mixtures. This paper presents the main results achieved so far, and contributes for the achievement of reference values for water sensi-tivity of gap-graded asphalt rubber mixtures determined according to the European standard EN 12697-12:2008 - method A.
ISBN: 978-0-415-55854-9
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