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Title: Pavement selection stratagies using Life-Cycle cost analysis
Authors: Antunes, M. L.
Marecos, V.
Neves, J.
Morgado, J.
Keywords: Pavement;Cost;Life-cycle;Distress models;Maintenance
Issue Date: Jul-2009
Publisher: Enzio Santagata
Abstract: Building and maintaining a road network involves the expenditure of large budgets and therefore, designers and decision makers should have the instruments to make the most suitable choice of pavement solution for each particular situation, in order to optimize the investments in road construction and maintenance. The issues involved in life-cycle cost analysis of different paving solutions will vary from region to region, depending on local factors such as environmental conditions and availability of materials and technologies. This paper presents a study that is being carried out in Portugal, concerning the life-cycle cost analysis of different paving alternatives. The analysis is carried out using actual data on construction costs of typical pavement structures in Portugal and taking into consideration appropriate performance models for each type of structure being selected. The models are calibrated using results from long term performance studies and the maintenance strategies considered take into account the current practice in the Portuguese main road network.
ISBN: 9788882020293
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