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Title: Characterization of renders and plasters from a 16th Century Portuguese Military Structure: Chronology and durability
Authors: Veiga, M. R.
Santos Silva, A.
Tavares, M.
Lopes dos Santos, A. R.
Lampreia, N.
Keywords: Aggressive environment;Preservation;Conservation;Fortress;Aerial lime mortar
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Birkhäuser
Citation: DOI: 10.1515/rbm-2013-6603
Abstract: In coastal areas of Portugal, many historical buildings and fortresses still exist that were constructed in masonry with aerial lime mortars. These mortars are often found to be in good condition, showing appropriate cohesion and adhesion to the background, although usually they show surface degradation as a result of the aggressive marine environment. The aim of this paper is to present and characterize the mortars used for the renders and plasters of one of these fortresses, that of Nossa Senhora da Luz which was constructed and modified over several centuries. The study of the mortars permitted to identify a construction period chronology improving the knowledge of the changes in formulation of the aerial lime mortars thus allowing to select compatible repair solutions
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