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Title: Full-Size Experimental Assessment of the Aerodynamic Sealing of Low Velocity Air Curtains
Authors: Viegas, J.
Carrasco, L.
Pinto, L.
Morais, J.
Gil de Morais, P.
Aelenei, D.
Keywords: air curtain;aerodynamic sealing;indoor air quality;experiments
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2021
Publisher: MDPI
Abstract: Abstract: Vertical air curtains are often used to separate two different zones to reduce contaminant transfer or even to provide aerodynamic sealing from one zone to the other. In this isothermal full-size experimental research work, the contaminant transfer between zones is reduced using an air extraction from the “contaminated” compartment and an air curtain. This work correlates the minimum exhaust air flow rate required to reach the aerodynamic sealing at the opening connecting two different zones with the jet nozzle velocity for small nozzle thicknesses (5 mm, 10 mm and 16 mm), particularly for Reynolds numbers below 3800. Following the experimental study, a general physical law that relates the jet parameters (angle, nozzle thickness and jet velocity at the nozzle) with the average velocity through the opening (for the condition of acceptable contaminant tightness) was obtained. The results showed that the average velocity of the flow across a door protected by an air curtain required to keep the aerodynamic sealing varies linearly with Re. The slope, however, is different below and above Re = 3820.
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