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Title: Impact of climate change on the durability of heritage buildings with structural concrete elements and masonry walls
Authors: Miranda Dias, J.
Matias, L.
Henriques, M. J.
Keywords: Durability;Climate change;Masonry walls;Concrete structure;Heritage buildings
Issue Date: 14-Jun-2021
Publisher: Fédération Internationale du Béton (fib) – International Federation for Structural Concrete:
Abstract: Buildings with structural concrete elements associated to infill or resistant masonry walls, constructed, in their great majority, since the beginning of last century, have lately profited a considerable improvement of their durability characteristics, particularly to resist common climate actions. The climate change, and particularly the global warming, are expected to have impact on the durability and service life of these buildings, with premature degradation of materials and construction elements. In this paper, the evolution of construction characteristics of buildings with structural concrete elements associated to infill or resistant masonry walls is briefly analysed, particularly regarding heritage buildings, focusing on the constructive provisions that have been introduced, aiming the increase of its durability characteristics. Concerning the premature degradation of the materials and construction elements due to the impact of climate change, the main factors to be taken into account are presented/estimated. General criteria for selection of materials and components in maintenance and rehabilitation of these heritage buildings, particularly concerning the effects of climate change, are here analysed. Finally, in the context of monitoring the degradation effects of climate change on these heritage buildings, the potential application of non-destructive techniques is generally discussed, namely the use, along the service life, of ultrasound testing, infrared thermography and photogrammetry, for accessing the decrease of the durability conditions of the referred buildings, due to climate change.
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