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Title: 1D/2D stormwater modelling to support urban flood risk management in estuarine areas: hazard assessment in the Dafundo case study
Authors: Cardoso, M. A.
Almeida, M. C.
Brito, R.
Gomes, J. L.
Beceiro, P.
Oliveira, A.
Keywords: Estuary;Flood modelling;Flood risk assessment;Integrated platform;Urban drainage
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Publisher: CIWEM
Abstract: Flood risk management in urban areas adjacent to the coast is essential to increase their resilience. This study aims at improving scientific knowledge of flood risk alongside estuaries, considering different hazards and integrating estuestuarine and urban drainage modelling. Mathematical modelling of stormwater systems is a useful tool to evaluate the susceptibility to flooding and identify potential measures to reduce flood risk.
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