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Title: Bond behaviour between steel/stainless-steel reinforcing bars and low binder concrete (LBC)
Authors: Freitas, E.
Louro, A. S.
Costa, H.
Cavaco, E.
Júlio, E.
Pipa, M.
Keywords: Bond behaviour;Steel / stainless steel rebars;Low binder concrete;Sustainability
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Elsevier, Ltd.
Abstract: Reducing the cement content of concrete is of paramount importance towards sustainability, since its production process is highly energy-consuming and delivers massive CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. In this paper, the bond behaviour between steel and stainless-steel reinforcing bars and Low Binder Concrete (LBC), produced with approximately one half and almost one fourth of the minimum cement content prescribed in the standards, is experimentally investigated. Results show the compactness of the mixture to be the main parameter controlling bond development, more than the mixture compressive strength as suggested in published results and standards. A more compact and denser mixture increases the contact surface between the reinforcing bars and concrete, improving friction between both. LBC mixtures with lowered cement content, up to almost one fourth of the minimum recommended, can be used without jeopardizing the bond strength of reinforcing bars. LBC mixtures promise to be a fitting approach towards greater sustainability in the concrete production sector.
ISSN: 0141-0296
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