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Title: Seismic analysis of an ultra-high arch dam using the 3DFE program DamDySSA3.0. Study on the influence of the reservoir water level
Authors: Alegre, A.
Oliveira, S.
Espada, M.
Câmara, R.
Keywords: Seismic analysis of arch dams / Influence of the reservoir water level / / 3DFE program / Coupled formulation in displacements and pressures
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: RPEE
Series/Report no.: Series III;
Abstract: The seismic response of a 290 m high arch dam, located in a high seismicity zone in China, is studied in this paper. The goal is to evaluate the influence of the reservoir water level on the dam’s seismic behaviour. The numerical simulations are carried out using the 3DFE program DamDySSA3.0, developed in LNEC for linear dynamic analysis of dams, including a module for seismic analysis under applied base accelerations. The problem is solved by a Finite Element coupled formulation in displacements and pressures. The seismic response is computed in time domain for the dam-reservoir-foundation system using the Newmark method. The seismic study is performed for
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