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Title: Safety control of Aguieira dam using hybrid HSCT-FEM models
Authors: Rodrigues, M.
Oliveira, S.
Proença, J.
Alegre, A.
Keywords: Concrete dams, Models for effects separation, Swelling effects, Finite Element Models, Safety control.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Hydro2019
Abstract: The safety control of dams under operation is based on the comparison between observed data, from monitoring systems, and numerical data from mathematical models developed to simulate/predict the dam behaviour over time. For the direct analysis of observed data semi-statistical models for effects separation are usually adopted, namely of the type HST or HSCT. For dam behaviour simulation/prediction Finite Element Method (FEM) models, based on the fundamental equations of structural mechanics, are mostly used. In order to detect the abnormal behaviour derived from the pathological effects, e.g. concrete swelling effects, it is necessary to use a robust HSCT model capable of distinguishing normal time effects, related with viscoelasticity, from other time effects, e.g., related with concrete swelling. In this paper, a hybrid HSCT-FEM model is proposed, and it is applied to the case of Aguieira dam.
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