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Title: Vibration monitoring of Cahora Bassa dam
Authors: Oliveira, S.
Carvalho, E.
Matsinhe, B.
Mendes, P.
Alegre, A.
Proença, J.
Keywords: Cahora-Bassa dam, Seismic and Structural Health Monitoring, Modal identification, Natural Frequencies, Seismic response, Finite element analysis.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: LNEC
Abstract: This paper focuses on the experience gathered from the continuous dynamic monitoring of Cahora Bassa dam, a 170 m high arch dam in Mozambique, over the past decade. The installed Seismic and Structural Health Monitoring system was designed to continuously record acceleration time series in several locations in the dam body (crest gallery) and near the dam-rock interface, under ambient/operational vibrations and during seismic events, using uniaxial and triaxial accelerometers. The system was complemented with the development of software for automatic modal identification and automatic detection of seismic vibrations. The numerical simulations are carried out using a 3D finite element program, based on a solid-fluid coupled formulation to simulate the dam-reservoir-foundation system, considering dam-water dynamic interaction and propagation of pressure waves throughout the reservoir. The main experimental outputs are presented and compared with results from 3D finite element analysis, including the evolution of identified natural frequencies over time, vibration mode shapes for specific water levels, and the dynamic response in accelerations under seismic ground motion.
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