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Title: A methodology for the evaluation of evolution and risk of breakwaters. Application to Portimão harbor and of Faro-Olhão inlet
Authors: Lemos, R.
Capitão, R.
Fortes, C. J. E. M.
Henriques, M. J.
Silva, L. G.
Martins, T.
Keywords: Breakwater;Inlet;Harbour;Risk assessment
Issue Date: Aug-2020
Publisher: APRH
Abstract: This paper describes a program under the responsibility of LNEC for the systematic observation and monitoring of maritime works that has successfully been applied to a number of maritime structures on the Portuguese mainland coast. The now-called OSOM+ program comprises the following four main components for each structure: i) periodic visual inspections by an experienced technician; ii) periodic aerial inspections with a UAV/ drone; iii) a ANOSOM-WEB database, to store and/or query obtained information on the observation campaigns, as well as to diagnose present, evolution and risk conditions of the structure; iv) a mobile, portable, application, for realtime input and visualization of the database information. OSOM+ has recently been updated with a number of tools and functionalities that are illustrated in this paper with applications to two real case studies: the Portimão harbor breakwaters and Faro-Olhão inlet entrance breakwaters, both located in the south coast of Portugal.
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