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Title: The LNEC earthquake engineering testing facility. Background information: LNEC testing facility, testing setup and protocol and data processing
Authors: Campos Costa, A.
Candeias, P.
Piazza, M.
Tomasi, R.
Lourenço, P.
Branco , J.
Schickhofer, G.
Flatscher, G.
Keywords: Timber buildings;Shaking Table;Equipment
Issue Date: Jul-2013
Abstract: The TIMBER BUILDINGS Project, led by the University of Trento, included testing of four full scale multi-story timber houses with a realistic horizontal plan and three types of timber housing systems: platform frame system (PFS), log house system (LHS) and cross laminated timber (CLT). The tests were carried in the LNEC-3D shake table under different levels of excitation and different conditions of the structure. The tests were carried with the goal of assessing the seismic performance of the buildings, panel elements and steel connectors, defined in terms of relative displacements and hold-down forces. The results were presented in separate reports, one for each building. This document contains information common to the remaining four reports.
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