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Title: Co-Creating a Teenagers’ Sensitive Public Open Space: A Case Study in Alvalade Neighbourhood in Lisbon (Portugal)
Authors: Batista, J.
Costa, C.
Menezes, M.
Almeida, I.
Keywords: C3PLACES;cocriação;adolescentes;espaço público urbano;planeamento
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: APS - Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia
Citation: s, Joana Solipa; Smaniotto Costa, Carlos; Menezes, Marluci; Almeida, Inês (2020). Co-Creating a Teenagers’ Sensitive Public Open Space: A Case Study in Alvalade Neighbourhood in Lisbon (Portugal). In Atas do X Congresso Português de Sociologia Na era da “pós-verdade”? Esfera pública, cidadania e qualidade da democracia no Portugal contemporâneo Covilhã, 10 a 12 de julho de 2018. ISBN: 978-989-97981-5-1. Disponível em:
Abstract: This paper discusses the preliminary findings of a Case Study conducted in Lisbon’s Alvalade neighbourhood within the European Project C3Places – using ICT for Co-Creation of Inclusive Public Places. The Case Study explores the relationship between urban fabric, lifestyles and teenagers’ behaviour in public spaces and aims to better understand the particular conditions under which teenagers’, physically and mentally, ‘construct’ public spaces and how they can participate in the co-creation of more inclusive and responsive public spaces. The paper discusses the different conceptions and spatial needs of teenagers (and adults), the call for inclusive design strategies, and the potential of co-creation and digital methods in boosting teens’ active community participation. It sheds lights on teens’ uses, perceptions, imaginaries and experiences in public spaces.
ISBN: 978-989-97981-5-1
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