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Title: Static and dynamic testing of a skewed overpass bridge
Authors: Xu, Min
Rodrigues, J.
Oliveira Santos, L.
Keywords: static load test;dynamic test;skewed overpass;output-only modal identification
Issue Date: Nov-2003
Publisher: A.A. Balkema
Abstract: This paper presents the static and dynamic testing of the skewed overpass PS3. The static load test was performed with truck loads up to a total of 1268 kN. The vertical displacements were measured. The dynamic tests were carried out in three set-ups. 16 modes of the natural vibration of the structure were identified, using the technique of output-only modal identification, and the dynamic characteristics for each mode were estimated. For interpretation of the test results a finite element model for the bridge was built. The experimental results were compared with the analytical values computed by the FE model.
ISBN: 9058095673
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