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Title: Space use conflicts in cramped dwellings: A comprehensive analysis of Portuguese households
Authors: Gomes, R.
Freitas, M. J.
Branco Pedro, J.
Almendra, R.
Keywords: Furniture;Dwelling use;Flexibility;Portuguese households
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: ISCTE
Abstract: With a proper design, domestic furniture may enable a more flexible use of dwellings, helping to solve use conflicts that arise from household dynamics. But which are dwellers’ activities that face more use conflicts or constrains? To answer this question, a comprehensive approach was used including interviews with dwellers and analysis of their dwelling space. Nine households of five different types were studied. All of them lived in small and congested houses. The interviews and analysis focused on dwellers needs and space use conflicts. The main conclusions are that activities that face more constrains are (i) being in private, (ii) receiving guests and (iii) storage of personal objects & clothes. In cramped dwellings social areas are compromised, creating serious difficulties to daily life group activities. These results enlighten relevant challenges to furniture design.
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