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Title: Selection of methods for quantification of impacts of identified hazards
Authors: Evans, B.
Chen, A.
Djordjevic, S.
Savic, D.
Butler, D.
Amorós, J.
Almeida, M. C.
Russo, B.
Velasco, M.
Dominguez J. L.
Keywords: RESCCUE;Risks;Impacts assessment
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Abstract: Numerous studies over the years have looked into the effects of climate driven events on population, infrastructures and services within cities; and in more recent times there has been an increase in trends to look at the indirect effects of impacts resulting in failures of services and infrastructures due to the failure of a donor service or infrastructure upstream within a chain of linked systems. This review document looks at the different services that are being investigated as part of the RESCCUE project and the latest research approaches that have been employed as a means of assessing the risks associated with failure of these services as a consequence of climate change scenarios. The aim of this review is therefore to establish an understanding of the latest techniques used in quantifying impacts from hazards that pose risk to city’s infrastructures and services. The goal being to expand on this research to more accurately quantify the risks posed to the cities of Barcelona, Bristol and Lisbon from climate driven hazards, examine how the impacts from these hazards propagate through different services and in doing so help services understand these risks and find means of mitigating them to improve their city’s resilience.
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